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About Vitek Tracz

Vitek is the chairman of the Science Navigation Group, and founder of BioMed Central. Vitek studied Mathematics in Warsaw and Jerusalem, and cinema at the Slade School of Art in London. Over the years, as chairman of the Science Navigation Group, of which Faculty of 1000 Ltd is a member company, he has developed a number of innovative publishing projects: the Current Opinion series of journals in many areas of biology and clinical medicine; as well as some important primary journals including Current Biology, Structure, Genome Biology, AIDS, and Journal of Hypertension; and web-based projects including BioMedNet, the Investigational Drugs Database IDdb, BioMed Central, and now Faculty of 1000.

Open letter on open access

F1000 founder and chairman Vitek Tracz addresses a former Faculty Member’s critique of our subscription service.

Casey Bergman recently resigned from his membership of F1000 and posted an explanation of his reasons for this action. Continue reading

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