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We've just launched F1000 SmartSearch: a revolutionary article search engine that 'learns' as you interact with it.

Exciting times here at F1000 towers. Yesterday, we launched a new search engine: the F1000 SmartSearch. F1000 SmartSearch is an intelligent and innovative search tool that ‘learns’ the preferences of the user as they interact with it, returning articles from PubMed that are most likely to be of interest and relevance.

To set up F1000 SmartSearch, registered users must seed the search with a cluster of articles that most closely match their interests. They then interact with the SmartSearch results to let the search engine know whether the articles returned are relevant or not. After a few rounds of results and interactions, the F1000 SmartSearch learns the user’s preferences and emails them with only the most on-target articles recently published.

F1000 SmartSearch results

F1000 SmartSearch results

Stephen Roper, Professor of Physiology and Biophysics at the University of Miami, and Faculty Member in Neuroscience, is an advocate of the search, commenting, “The SmartSearch result I just received was incredibly important. It pointed me to a paper that had just been pre-released, not even on the journal’s website under the current issue, and the paper was über important for my research findings. In short, the F1000 SmartSearch has been terrific!”

We hope the F1000 SmartSearch will become a powerful tool for intelligent searching of the literature. Jane Hunter, our Managing Director, said, “Preliminary Faculty Member reviews of F1000 SmartSearch tell us that it’s going to be a real game-changer for researchers – and for everyone else who needs to filter the mass of published literature to find the papers that are most important for their work.”

Testdrive the F1000 SmartSearch here (you need to be logged in). We welcome your feedback and questions.

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