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As promised, a fishy Valentine’s greeting from Ray Troll:

Lumpsucker of love

Listen through for some serious biology about these lovely little suckers, “the cutest fish in the entire sea.”

(Download Lumpsuckers of Love mp3.)

Down below the deep blue sea
There’s a spiny lumpsucker for you and me
Looking in your big green eyes
I love the way that you sink and rise
And when I see your little ventral sucker
It makes me wanna curl right up and pucker
Oh can’t you see, you drive me crazy
You’re my little tiny orbis of love
Lumpsuckers of love
Lumpsuckers of love, love, love

—Ray Troll and Russ Wodehouse

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  1. Jim says:

    Ray Troll– Still crazy after all these years….
    Ray, I’ve worn my “Fish Worship/ Is It Wrong?” T-shirt on both Sundays of the New Orleans Jazz Fest for over ten years running!