Your momma was a lobefinned fish

It’s Valentine’s Day on Monday, and Darwin’s Birthday on Saturday. What better way to celebrate these two events than a sandwich of art and music?

Ray Troll is an artist and musician in Alaska. He’s kindly provided this artwork in celebration of the great man:
Embrace your inner fish

And here’s the song, The Devonian Blues

Dig that didgeridoo! (Download Devonian Blues mp3.)


I’m thinking ‘bout my momma and I’m thinking ‘bout you
Got those Sarcopterygian Devonian blues

My momma told me something that few people know
We were all a bunch of fishes a long time ago

So wave your fins in the air, it’s plain to see
You are wayward fish and it will set you free

Out of the ooze and we were born to cruise
For burgers in cars with nothin’ to lose

Can’t really say it was part of a plan
But it took millions of years to go from fish to man

Did we lose our way when we left that pool?
Sometimes I think so when we act like fools

Your momma was a lobefinned fish
Your momma was a lobefinned fish

Every little girl every single boy
Was born from the clan of the wayward Dipnoi

Don’t let that preacher man spoil all the fun
It tool a lot more than six days to get this job done

Amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and man
All belong to the fish tribe, don’t you understand?

Your momma was a lobefinned fish
Your momma was a lobefinned fish

It’s all there locked in the stone
The truth is told in fossilized bone

Fish had fingers, fish had arms
Crawling onto land like a charm

Changing the world, the rocks revealing
On and on in the chain of being

—by Ray Troll

Part two of the sandwich will be on Monday. Have a good weekend, y’all!

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  1. perfect for my Comparative Anatomy class! Thanks.

  2. Bettie Higgs says:

    Excellent for the Geology class too…….

  3. Duncan M. Porter says:

    Don’t forget to play it on Darwin’s birthday!

  4. I’m glad you like it!

  5. AvA says:

    It’s perfect. I can’t say more. ;D

  6. It doesn’t get any better than science and rock’n’roll.

  7. coudert jean says:

    Very good.

  8. Ferdinando Boero says:

    check Ray’s page out, it is full of wonders:
    get the posters and hang them on the walls of your classrooms: “Spawn ’till you die” is perfect when lecturing about reproductive biology. “There is no free lunch” explains food web theory. Art belongs in science! and Happy Darwin day to you all!