Sharing, sperm and stereotypes in STEMM

Here are this week's most popular tweets on the @F1000 feed, as well as some other interesting picks from the rest of Twitter...

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Herbert Steinbeisser

Herbert SteinbeisserIt is with sadness that we note the death of Dr Herbert Steinbeisser, who passed away having endured a long illness with bravery and strength. Dr Steinbeisser was a Faculty Member in the Developmental Biology Faculty from 2003.

In an obituary [in German] posted by his colleagues at the Institute of Human Genetics, University Hospital Heidelberg, they describe him as “a wonderful colleague and a very successful scientist, and working with him was a pleasure”.

Our condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.

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The Susan G. Komen® Brinker Award and The William B. Coley Award

Joan Brugge and Tasuku Honjo

Joan Brugge and Tasuku Honjo

Joan Brugge, one of our Section Heads for the Cell Biology Faculty, will receive the Susan G. Komen® Brinker Award for Scientific Distinction in Basic Science. This award is bestowed upon those whose work in breast cancer research provides significant contributions to the field, and it is separated into a basic science award, which Joan is receiving, and a clinical research award. Joan’s research in the inner workings of breast cancer cells, as well as how the disease begins, progresses and responds to therapy, has earned her this prestigious accolade.

Also announced this week were the recipients of the William B. Coley Award, and Tasuku Honjo, a Section Head for the Immunology Faculty, is one of four scientists awarded this distinguished prize this year. He shares the award with Lieping Chen, Arlene Sharpe, and Gordon Freeman, the former two of whom are also F1000 Faculty Members. They are recognized for their work in tumor immunology, specifically for the discovery and investigation of the immune checkpoint PD-1. Our understanding of PD-1 and the development of drugs to target it has led to immense benefit for cancer patients already, and with continued work the outlook can only improve.

We congratulate Joan, Tasuku, Lieping and Arlene on their success!

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The extraordinary tale behind Mary-Claire King’s discovery of the BRCA1 gene

Securing a grant for scientific research is, more often than not, long, long-winded and by no means an easy feat. Recent Lasker award winner and F1000 IAB member Mary-Claire King‘s journey towards getting the grant that led to her discovery of the BRCA1 gene was a little more eventful than most.

In a series of heart-rending and almost unbelievable events, including heartbreak, robbery and – somewhat unexpectedly – Joe DiMaggio doing some emergency babysitting at San Francisco international airport, King somehow managed to secure the grant that yesterday won her the 2014 Lasker~Koshland Special Achievement Award in Medical Science. Do watch her describe the story in her own words.

King was yesterday awarded the Lasker award for “bold, imaginative, and diverse contributions to medical science and human rights,” after she discovered the BRCA1 hereditary gene locus, that when mutated, causes breast cancer. King also initiated DNA strategies to reunite missing persons or their remains with their families, such as the genetic techniques used to identify the remains of victims of natural disasters and the attacks of September 11th. Mary-Claire King has used the Lasker spotlight to call for greatly widening the use of genetic screening for breast and ovarian cancer.

She calls for the screening of all American women aged 30 or over for cancerous mutations, a major departure from current guidelines, which discourage screening unless a cancer diagnosis exists or a woman has a family history of breast or ovarian cancer.

Dr King said “… every woman in America of any race or ancestry be offered this opportunity when she’s in the midst of childbearing or beginning childbearing … You only need to be tested once, and the vast majority of women will not have a mutation and can go about their life. The actual cost is minimal. But women who do learn they have a mutation that’s comparable to Angelina Jolie’s and confers very high risk can … develop a prevention plan”.

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2014 Lasker Awards

The Lasker Foundation awards, popularly known as the ‘American Nobels,’ one of the most prestigious honours in science and medicine, were announced today. we are extremely pleased to congratulate F1000 Faculty Peter Walter and Mary-Claire King for winning awards!

Mary-Claire King, Lasker award pictureMary-Claire King, is American Cancer Society Professor in the Department of Medicine and the Department of Genome Sciences at the University of Washington in Seattle. She has been is a member of our International Advisory Board since 2011. Professor King receives the 2014 Lasker~Koshland Special Achievement Award in Medical Science for “bold, imaginative, and diverse contributions to medical science and human rights,” having discovered the BRCA1 gene locus that causes hereditary breast cancer and deployed DNA strategies to reunite missing persons (or their remains) with their families.

Peter Walter, Lasker Award photoPeter Walter, professor of biochemistry and biophysics at UC San Francisco, is a Section Head in Cell Biology. He receives the 2014 Lasker Basic Medical Research Award jointly with Kazutoshi Mori for their discoveries concerning the unfolded protein response, an intracellular quality control system that detects harmful misfolded proteins in the endoplasmic reticulum and signals the nucleus to carry out corrective measures.

Our congrats to Mary-Claire King and Peter Walter and, of course, to all the recipients of this year’s Lasker Awards.

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Stem cells, saccharin and hide-and-seek

Here are this week's most popular tweets on the @F1000 feed, as well as some other interesting picks from the rest of Twitter...

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F1000 Specialists’ video competition: Vote for your favourite!

We’ve received two more great videos from F1000 Specialists Fiona Russell and Rosie Griffiths for the F1000 Specialists’ video competition (view below). Fiona talks about her research at Professor Brain’s lab (yes, he’s really called that) looking at the reasons why arthritis pain gets worse in cold conditions, and Rosie describes her PhD in the cell biology of osteoarthritis, investigating the role of microRNAs during chondrogensis of human embryonic stem cells. Both videos have some great visual effects – well done!

You can view all F1000 Specialist video entries in our Video Competition playlist – and vote for your favourite(s) to win by clicking ‘like’ on your faves! The winner will be the video with the most ‘likes’.

The competition is now closed to new entries, but voting is open until 23.59 on 15th September. We will announce the competition winner on the 16th September (winner wins a £50 Amazon voucher!).Vote here.

Fiona Russell:

Rosie Griffiths:

Vote for the best video here.

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Starch, sepsis and simple solutions

Here are this week's most popular tweets on the @F1000 feed, as well as some other interesting picks from the rest of Twitter...

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ACS 2015 National Awards

The American Chemical Society recently announced the recipients of the 2015 National Awards, and we are pleased to be able to say that two of those recipients are from the F1000 Faculty.Prof Eric Kool

Professor Eric Kool, an F1000 Section Head in Chemical Biology, wins the 2015 Ronald Breslow Award for outstanding contributions to the field of biomimetic chemistry. He will receive $5,000 in prize money.

Chuan HeChuan He, a Faculty Member in the Chemical Biology Faculty, wins an Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award, which recognises and encourages excellence in organic chemistry. He wins $5,000 and a $40,000 unrestricted research grant.

The recipients will be honoured at awards ceremony next year, in conjunction with the ACS national meetings.

Our congrats to Eric and Chuan!

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Mirrors, migration and a viral aphrodisiac

A round up of the week's most popular tweets from @F1000, as well as some other interesting picks from the rest of the Twitterverse...

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